Add Some Pizzazz With Modern Or Antique Switch Plates

When it comes to switch plates, there is an abundance of varied options out there that can add a little pizzazz to any room in the home, from the bathroom to the children’s bedrooms. With options like antique switch plates, homeowners can create a historical feeling in their Victorian home, or coordinate with their antique furniture that’s been in the family for generations. Ceramic switch plates are always a well accepted option, but they come in many more designs and patterns than they used to. The choices are practically unlimited.

Some of the more popular options today are Brainerd switch plates, which exemplify the modern aesthetic with styles like the Mirror single plate and the Architectural double plate. These switch plates are common in modern homes, although they also take inspirations from colonial styles, which can be seen in their Colonial Rope models. Truly antique switch plates will typically be much more ornate, however; especially those from Victorian and Renaissance time periods. There are antique switch plates that were not actually made long ago in the past, though; instead they are made today with a much lower price tag, but are inspired by classic looks.

Many people underestimate ceramic switch plates, because they think of the classic white or off-white varieties that come standard in cheap apartments and are worn down over the years. There are many different ceramic switch plates on the market today, with designs such as interwoven leaves and vines, or squares of different colored paint. These might not be as upscale as Brainerd switch plates, but they match very well with a number of interior styles and are usually very affordable.
There are many switch plates to choose from, and there is no real way to go wrong as long as they are fun, functional, and complimentary for the space.