Adding Character With A Custom Mailbox

A custom mailbox can be added to your front yard landscaping, as it is an important addition that always catches the eye of the passer-by. You can have your residential mailbox personalized in a number of ways, surrounded by a particular theme reflecting your unique personality. The best way to combine functionality and style to your house is with a custom mailbox that you choose.

You can choose a unique mailbox that reflects your personality while functioning at the same time. Some styles of mailboxes are shaped to resemble dogs, cats, cows, flamingos, mermaids, fire trucks, alligators, hammers, and even college team mascots. You can also personalize your custom mailbox in a number of ways. Generally the custom mailbox is used by those that cannot find the particular unique mailbox that fits their style.

Just remember when purchasing a new residential mailbox, there needs to be room available for your street address on the flag side of the box with the letters being a minimum of one inch tall. There are some qualifications of a residential mailbox that need to be met. So long as you are within the regulations of the rules, you can have a unique mailbox that brings out the real character of your house.