Adding Space With Bathroom Mirrors

Adding bathroom mirrors to a small bathroom will open up the room and make it look much more spacious and roomy than it actually is. You can have different size mirrors, depending on your preference, in addition to different cuts and shapes. As you choose where to add the bathroom mirrors, you should keep in mind that there might be some limitations as to where you can place them. In many small bathrooms, there is a counter top that extends the whole length of the wall, preventing bathroom mirrors from being placed across to open up the bathroom. In other bathrooms, there might be cabinets or other furniture that can block bathroom mirrors.

One option to make the bathroom look larger with bathroom mirrors is to extend them all the way to the ceiling. While it might be difficult to reach the top to clean them, they lengthen the room and make it seem more open and larger than it really is. If the bathroom mirrors cannot extend to the ceiling, you can add style to the mirrors with a design and special border. This adds elegance and character to the bathroom mirrors. In order to make your bathroom mirrors stand out in the bathroom, you should carefully plan and decide which would make your bathroom more appealing.

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