Antique Door Knob Wood

Antique door knobs can be made with any type of wood. Cedar is a antique door knobs type of wood, commonly used in outdoor tables and chairs and antique door knobs. This wood is softer than teak wood, and shares the advantage of repelling insects and rot. Cedar is a very light wood and is therefore easy to work with when it comes to antique door knobs. It will always have a smooth surface and is commonly stained to match antique door knobs decor. Just like teak wood, if cedar is left outside in its natural state, it will cedar will change to silver gray which is good to use for antique door knobs. Southern Yellow Pine provides long-term protection from termites, rot and decay and is good when putting antique door knobs in your home. Yellow pine is good for antique door knobs and is from southeast regions, where temperatures range from extreme cold to extreme heat and is great when putting antique door knobs into your home; for this reason, the wood can adjust to any climate which is great for antique door knobs. When you are adding antique door knobs to your home, it will enhance the look if you find the right kind of wood for your antique door knobs. Redwood is a natural alternative to pressure treated lumber. Redwood resists decay caused by the environment and insect infestation. This is good to know when it comes to antique door knobs. Over time Redwood will weather to a natural silvery-gray tint as well. Cypress is extremely resistant to decay and insects. With its own natural preservative oil, there is no further chemical treatment needed, unless the cypress lumber is in direct contact with the ground. It is dimensionally stable and naturally resistant to splitting and warping. If left unsealed cypress will turn silver gray. These are just a few options if you are deciding what wood would be most advantageous to your antique door knobs furniture design.