Buying Wholesale Door Knobs

Most manufacturers of door knobs are also wholesale suppliers as well as exporters of their door knobs. The commonly used materials used in the process of making door knobs are brass, iron, wood, wire, ceramic, stainless steel and aluminum. Door knobs are the handles used for opening and closing a door, and usually door knobs are sold as complete lock sets and porcelain door knob/rosette assemblies are offered for both sides of the door. The passage/privacy sets will usually consist of a latch, faceplate and strike-plate.

You’ll be able to find wholesale door knobs for different purposes such as passage, privacy or any other. Dummy door knobs are also available they’re called dummy door knobs because they are non-functional and are used on closets and French doors. The passage door knobs are non-locking, while working knob sets and the privacy door knobs have a push stem on the rosette and are usually used in bathroom and bedrooms as these rooms need to be locked. Ornamented and magnificent door knobs are also available in wholesale shops in different models.

You can also order door knobs online, nowadays there are websites that provide certain forms which have to be filled while placing the order, but the prices you’ll be buying at will be merchant prices. The sales taxes in regards to the quantity ordered are estimated at the zip code level however some of the websites offer free shipping as well.

All the processes needed for the production of door knobs like manufacturing, assembling, finishing, testing and packing are done in such a way so as to facilitate wholesale business. The wholesale companies facilitate a wide range of packaging services and they also package the door knobs as per the buyer’s specifications. The companies also provide bar codes and labels as per the buyer’s specifications. Wholesale door knobs are much cheaper when compared to the retail prices.