Choosing Door Hinges

Installing door hinges on your cabinets takes a little bit of preparation and requires some thought. Depending on the material of the cabinets and the size of them, there are different door hinges that would fit better on your cabinets. There are several things that you should look at before deciding which door hinges would work best for the different cabinets. Some of the main considerations are the type of material and the size of the cabinets. In some cases you also have to consider whether or not you will need more than two door hinges.

Most doors under a certain height (generally fifty inches) will probably only need two hinges, but if the door is bigger it’ll need additional door hinges to support its weight. This is a practical element of kitchen cabinet hardware as it is most crucial in maintaining the structure and composure of the cabinets. And because hinges also come in many different forms, you may need some additional advice about what type works best since it all depends on the framing of your doors.

You also need to consider the way that your cabinets are installed. Are your doors inset inside the unit or overlaid to cover the entire frame? Also think about if you want the door hinges to stick out and be noticed or if you want them more hidden. This will allow your cabinets to stand out more than the cabinet hinges. In other words, you have to consider whether you want the door hinges to be a decorative element or to be partially obscured inside the unit. Each of these answers will help direct you to the proper door hinges, which then comes with its own specific installation method. Choose your door hinges carefully to ensure that you are happy with them as functional and decorative additions to your cabinets.