Choosing Door Knobs And Door Locks

Door knobs and door locks typically go hand in hand when it comes to function and appearance. When choosing either one, you might consider where the door is and what type of lock you want to have on the door before you begin choosing door knobs. For example, you want your front door locks to be reliable and safe, so you should make your decision of door knobs based on the door locks that work best for the door. However, on a bedroom or bathroom door, the door locks will not be as critical in your decision so you can focus more on finding decorative door knobs that look nice throughout the home.


Another thing to consider when looking for door knobs or door locks is whether or not you want them to match throughout the different rooms. Generally, you want the door knobs to match throughout the house, just to make the house appear more formal and appealing. However, whether or not all of the door knobs have door locks is ultimately up to you. It will depend on the amount of privacy that you want in the house and in each room. When choosing your door knobs, make sure that there are options for locks or not so that you have more variety of choices.