Clothespin Cabinet Pulls -Made in USA

Clothespin Cabinet Pulls -Made USA 3 inch cc three finishes
Who doesn’t love the clothespin pull?
The short answer is nobody. Everyone loves these adorable little pulls. You’ve probably seen these fun drawer pulls on boards all over Pinterest – or even seen videos on YouTube on how to make a DIY version. These charming pulls instantly add a sense of whimsy and pizzazz in your laundry space, crafts, or family room. Which is probably why this pull is one of most popular pulls in the history of our company.
Unfortunately, due to their immense popularity we had a hard time keeping them in stock.
But we’ve found a solution to that.
The new Catalina Design Hardware line It will be the first in our new Catalina Design Hardware line. That’s right; our customers love them so much that we wanted to make sure they could always get them. Even better news is that we’ve decided to take it up a notch by offering three different finishes from which to choose:
Natural Silver
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Satin Gold
We’re also making the pull out of high grade aluminum which tends to have a longer life than pulls made of zinc (industry standard). We can promise you that our clothespin pulls are:
• Easy to install
• Lightweight
• Sturdy
• Long lasting
• Tarnish resistant
• Won’t oxidize
(Our standard 3 inch Clothespin Pull measures 4″ x 0.75″ and has a Hole Spacing of 3″)
Mark your calendar
If you’ve been dying to get your hands on a set of clothespins pulls, your wish will soon come true. Be sure to drop by our site July 2018 to order your clothespin pulls.
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