Defining Design Style – Part Two

Defining Design Style – Part Two

When considering redoing your kitchen, style will be one of the first things you’ll need to decide upon. Since a new kitchen can be one of the most costly improvements in a home and often takes a fair amount of time to complete, the design style for your kitchen should be given serious thought. Continuing in our definitions, we move onto the next design styles for you to consider.


Contemporary kitchens are often described as modern, minimalist, or geometric. This style includes horizontal lines, asymmetry with no molding and other flourishes. Materials relied upon for this style are typically man-made and may include: stainless steel, laminates, glass, concrete, chrome and lacquer. This style may also be called modern, and in some cases mid-century modern. Features you can expect to see in a contemporary kitchen may includ

  • Frameless cabinets with oversized hardwareCabinets made of stainless steel or woods such as birch, ash or maple
  • Slab or horizontal lift-up style cabinet doors
  • Frosted glass cabinet inserts
  • Metallic accents such as stainless
  • Curved cabinets and counters


Sub-genres of contemporary include, Art Moderne, Futurism, Functionalism, Modern, Post-Modern, Mid-Century Modern


Rustic kitchens generally have a regional look, whether American or European. But they may also have a lodge or log cabin look. Features you can expect to see in a rustic style kitchen may include:


Wood paneling and exposed ceiling beams

Rustic woods such as knotty pine, hickory and alder

Leather pulls

Rich earth tones, reds, greens and yellows


Sub-genres in Rustic Design Style:


Log Cabin with bold and natural cabinetry with a strong grain, stained in reds, greens, or yellows; wide rails and stiles.


Rustic Countrywith recessed flat panel doors in warm hickory wood tones; hearth-style mantle hood, hand-carved pieces such as turnings or furniture.


Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts kitchens are characterized by form and function, with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship. A signature feature of a craftsman kitchen is thick-framed recessed panel doors. To update the look you may want to try flush frame cabinetry or contrast the finishes or wood choices of the frame against those of the door and panel. Features you can expect to see in an arts & crafts kitchen may include:


  • The natural neutral colors of nature
  • Inset or recessed panel cabinet doors
  • Stained-glass in windows and lighting fixtures
  • Mullioned glass doors and/or windows
  • Rich woods
  • Clean strong lines                                                                                                                                                                   

Sub-genres of Craftsman Design Style:


Shaker with maple, birch, beech or oak veneered woods, inset flat panel doors, wide rails and stiles.

Old World

Old world kitchens herald back to days of yore and are literally like stepping into the past with large cooking hearths and distressed, unfitted cabinets. The raised panel cabinetry is often painted and includes features such as cracking, beadboard, dish and cup racks, valence legs, flushed toes, and bun feet. Features you can expect to see in an old world kitchen may include:


  • Deep rich colors
  • Stone floors and wallsMosaic tile
  • Cabinetry that looks like furniture                                                                                                          
  • Copper or pewter accents
  • Brick or plaster walls
  • Appliances concealed behind panels


Sub-genres Old World Design Style:


Tuscan, with a more feminine design relies upon natural materials; cabinets painted in whites, creams or earth-tone yellows or browns, and tend to be monochromatic.

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