Manufacturer Spotlight— Michael Healy

Manufacturer Spotlight— Michael Healy Designs Doorknockers

Manufacturer Spotlight— Michael Healy Designs Doorknockers

Michael Healy Artistic Decorative Hardware provides unique doorknockers and doorbell ringers. Using the age-old art of sand casting all Michael Healy products are handcrafted in solid brass, solid bronze and solid nickel silver. A true artisan, Michael is involved in every phase of the product, from original concept sketch to completed piece. This attention to detail and design ensures each piece is authentic and has been produced to the standard of quality craftsmanship that Mr. Healy demands. He signs each piece so you know it has met this standard.


From the foundry to an amazing line of artisan decorative hardware

After college and a stint in the U.S. Air Force, Michael rediscovered his passion for design, and opened his own foundry, located on the banks of the Blackstone River in Rhode Island. After a few years of restoring historic statues and casting bronze architectural elements throughout New England, Healy’s focus shifted to his own original artwork. His experience with the foundry sand casting process coupled with his desire to create highly functional art, inspired him to develop his amazing line of Artistic Decorative Hardware.A product line with ‘personality of Artistic Decorative Hardware.A product line with ‘personality

With hundreds of sophisticated and whimsical designs, Healy’s product lines appeal to a wide range of personal tastes and have a personality of their own. From the Navy Anchor Door Knocker, to the Palm Tree Doorbell Ringer to the Labrador Retriever DogKnocker the unique pieces touch people’s hearts.  His creations are classic and nostalgic at once and make a statement wherever used.Designs range from nautical, to animals, to monograms. If it is distinctive and artistic you are looking for, then you will find it in Michael Healy’s wonderful pieces.

  Bringing you the best on the market

Michael Healy is well-loved by our customers who want to bring that classic Americana artisan look into their homes and décor. At Cabinet Knobs & More, we are committed to bringing you the best in decorative pulls, knobs and hardware on the market. To see Michael Healy’s unique selection, click here for  Michael Healy.








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