Colombo Design Time Collection Towel Holder 45cm


Product: W4210

Manufacturer: COLOMBO DESIGN

Designer: R&D Colombo Design

Made in Italy


Time Collection Towel Holder 45cm

Since 1991, Colombo Design  has produced, according to criteria of excellence, handles for doors and windows that are distributed all over the world.

The “handles” collection also includes grab bars, recessed handles and various accessories such as nozzles, rosettes, doorstops and pawls, available in different finishes, to finish all types of furniture.


The Colombo Design bathroom accessories collection is the ideal enrichment to decorate the bathrooms of all styles. The elegance of these bathroom accessories is accompanied by excellent technical skills, that only the best materials and the most innovative processes can ensure.
The Colombo Design bathroom accessories are available both hanging and free standing.

Formae  is the furniture handles and knobs, thought to valorize and characterize the furniture. Even if furniture handles and knobs are considered accessories, these details enhance the furniture infusing style and contributing to its functionality

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Time Collection Towel Holder 45cm