MOOD AUSTRALIA Satin Pewter & Black cattle Horn Cabinet Knob-117

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Diameter: Base: Projection: 35mm



MOOD AUSTRALIA Satin Pewter & Black Cattle Horn Cabinet Knob-117

satin pewter horn knob



Welcome to Handles by Mood – a truly unique range of cabinet hardware, including handles, knobs and pulls that will add a unique finish to any home . Our range of cabinet hardware suit a variety of applications. Our hand-crafted using sustainable materials such as pewter, crocodile leather, cattle horn & bone. Plus, you can achieve that unique design with your choice of metallic plated finishes  

All cattle horn and bone materials used in our Cabinet Hardware by Mood are a by-product similar to leather and a renewable resource. It’s properties and processing make it a biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Satin pewter cabinet handle is lead free

As a natural product, each piece of Cattle Horn Cabinet Knob have its own unique characteristics with slight variations in colors, texture size and shape.

Natural – colors  yellow, white, green, grey and brown.

Brown- is mainly brown with some white or black.

Black -is mainly black with some white.

The Sydney studio and workshop draw on the legendary design of European heritage.  We produce a range of custom-made cabinet handles, knobs and pulls for residential and commercial market.

In 2015, MOOD focused on refining its ‘look’ and adapting its dynamic house-style.They  presented ranges of signature and custom-made architectural hardware for the luxury hotel market, and high-end retail environments.

The Studio ethically sources imported and local ‘green’ materials like leather, horn and bone

The vision—to provide an outstanding service that offers distinguished boutique cabinetry ornamentation for urban living, without compromising integrity.

MOOD AUSTRALIA Satin Pewter & Black Cattle Horn Cabinet Knob-117


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satin pewter horn knob

Black Horn Cabinet Pull



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