Von Morris Door Hardware Beaded Lever Large Rose TUBULAR-PRIVACY




– Highly Detailed Beaded Design
– Solid Forged Brass
– Hand Polished
– Fully Concealed Mounting


Von Morris Door Hardware Beaded Lever Large Rose Privacy


This perfectly formed beaded design has a highly detailed edge and a slightly raised ogee escutcheon plate, giving this classic style an elegant and sophisticated look and feel. The touch of the beads surrounding the oval plate, knob and lever produces the feeling of quality, form and beauty. Pocket Door Locks, Multi Point Trim, Bell Pushes, Deadbolts and Tilt-Turn trim are now available in the Beaded Suite.


We produce the finest quality hardware without compromise. We take pride in providing the best service to our customers every day.

Our products are made with extra care and attention to detail in our own factory which has achieved the internationally recognized ISO 9002 certification. Our commitment to quality begins with the selection of raw materials: brass, bronze and stainless steel which meet our strict guidelines for alloy and dimensions. We are further committed to protecting the environment by adhering strictly to environmentally sound practices. We machine to tight tolerances producing repeatable dimensions to assure high quality and compatibility with established standards. At each stage of manufacture, the parts are checked and rechecked to ensure adherence to these standards. Our skilled craftsmen hand finishes each piece through many stages of polishing and buffing to achieve a rich high luster that can only be found in brass which is hand rubbed. Each piece is then clear coated with a catalyzed epoxy lacquer to produce a long wearing protective coating, preserving its beauty. A final painstaking inspection assures that only products which meet our stringent standards leave our factory. Similar care and attention are paid to the beautiful packaging which accentuates the fine quality hardware.

We provide the best service in the completion of your orders. We carry all products in stock for immediate delivery, in more than 30 finishes to match almost any other manufacturer’s finish. If we don’t stock the finish you require, we are happy to offer you custom plating. We are committed to your satisfaction. High quality master packaging assures safe delivery to your door.

We are constantly in the process of developing new items in order to better meet the needs of the market. Please visit our website to keep abreast of the newest Von Morris products as they are developed.

Von Morris Door Hardware Beaded Lever Large Rose Privacy