Michael Healy

Michael Healy Artistic Decorative Hardware creates unique Doorknockers Doorbells by using the age-old art of sand casting. All of his products are handcrafted in solid brass, solid bronze and solid nickel silver. Michael is involved in every phase of each product's development, from his original sketch to the product's completion. Finally, Michael's signature adorns each piece, confirming its authenticity and quality craftsmanship. Now with hundreds of sophisticated and whimsical designs, Michael's product lines appeal to personalities and passions across the board. Michael understands the emotional appeal say of his American Bald Eagle Doorknocker, Dragonfly in Flight Doorbell Ringer or Labrador Retriever DogKnocker touches people's hearts and eyes with the beauty of his work. His creations can evoke memories at a glance. Michael Healy, with his wide variety of life experiences and with friends from all walks of life, understands human nature, what we hope for and desire. All of this shows in his many unique designs.
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