Bathroom Decor

Whether you’re in the interior design industry or real estate market, many buyers and sellers are finding out that a revamped bathroom is adding value to properties. If you’re in the market to make your home more appealing to buyers, the bathroom is a good starting point. A number of bathroom decor options, accessories and appliances are the best bet to up the value of any home.

One tip to remember with bathroom decor is to keep colors neutral and to opt for chrome fixings rather than bold and loud color schemes and flashy gold fixtures. When planning the design of your bathroom, shower placement is an important facet and adequate space an important factor. Previous generations were heavy in decorating their bathrooms with patterned wall tiles, bright colors and plastic bathroom decor. Bold orange, olive green and chocolate brown was the preferred color palette for bathroom decor including matching toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and towels. Over time, bathroom decor has become much more neutral and more appealing to the eyes.

Consider installing a shower over a bath tub if space is limited. Also think about installing a glass screen rather than a curtain shower rod. Many believe that adding a whirlpool bath increases property, but it’s not always the case as a small percentage enjoy seeing a bath tub in a prospective purchase.

The preferred bathroom floor decor is tiles but vinyl flooring is a more affordable option if you’re tight on cash. Avoid carpeting in bathrooms if at all possible. Another important bathroom decor tip is making windows look appealing. Many favor blinds in bathroom windows rather than nets and fabric curtains. Remember to inspect your bathroom in every detail as potential home buyers may notice small flaws that may be deal breakers in their purchasing perspectives.