How to Update the Look of Your Bathroom

Functionality should be a priority when designing a bathroom, but style doesn’t need to go to the wayside. If your bathroom is looking a little outdated or if your style has changed, there are a lot of options available to you. Reviving your bathroom doesn’t need to require a total overhaul, either. We’ve compiled a list of updates and changes you can make that will add character and style. Here are several things you can do:


Implementing a new color scheme can change the mood of any room. It’s important that you are mindful in the colors you choose, since overly-vibrant colors can easily overwhelm what is usually one of the smallest rooms in a house. Grays, pale blues, and pale greens are good choices for their spa-like qualities, but if you really would like a colorful bathroom, follow your style!

Change hardware

An easy way to change your bathroom’s style is to switch out its hardware. Try picking out a new faucet or browsing for new cabinet knobs/pulls. You can purchase many bathroom hardware items at your local home improvement store (or through us!), and lots of them have kits that make installation easy.


Bathrooms are focused on function, but that doesn’t mean yours can’t have personality. Take a trip to your local craft store and pick out some art prints! Or better yet, commission an independent artist if it’s within your budget. You could also pick up some pieces from your local flea market for a more vintage feel. If you do decide to hang up artwork, make sure it has appropriate protection from moisture.

Replace your mirrors

Many bathrooms have plain, large mirrors. They serve their purpose, but they can also be contributing to your bathroom’s outdated look. If this is the case for you (or if you’re simply not enjoying the mirror you have now), try shopping for a new mirror at your local home improvement store. If you’d like to keep your current mirror (and it’s square), you can try to frame it with stylishly-stained wooden boards.

Bathrooms can be difficult to change up since they can seem like such a massive, intimidating, and expensive project. While remodeling is great project to take on for updating your bathroom, smaller changes like the ones listed above are cheaper options that can still make a big impact on your bathroom’s look. Good luck and happy updating!

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