Cabinet Door Knobs

When a homeowner begins remodeling to give his or her home to have a vintage or antique feel, everything – from the cabinet knobs in the kitchen to the stair banister – should be able to give off the same feeling of nostalgic beauty.

But what many homeowners neglect in the midst of decorating are the small touches, which are what truly give a home the feeling of classiness, while still allowing it to be a “home.”
A feature that can give a home an instant classic look is glass door knobs. If a homeowner wants their guests to immediately notice the feel and look of another era, beautiful antique door knobs allow for an instant difference, even before guests enter a room. If strategically placed on the most used doors in a home, the entire home is transported to another era when glass door knobs weren’t just a luxury; they were a sign of class.

As someone once said, just as choosing the right earring or pair of shoes completes a woman’s ensemble, the kitchen cabinet knob is one of the focal points of any kitchen. This is because the knobs don’t only change the look of the cabinet design; they can change or compliment the entire scheme of the kitchen, which is what truly sets of the style and mood of a house.

While brass cabinet knobs may be very common and practical, can also be boring and not show any of the owner’s personality. And while finding antique looking cabinet knobs may prove more to be difficult, they can tie in beautifully with the glass door knobs found throughout the house.

However, if a remodeler doesn’t want to have a home that looks like it is completely from another era, even just finishing touches like antique door knobs can help give the home a real personality.

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