Gemstone Hardware Cabinet Knobs and Pulls by MYTERRA add pizzazz to the doors and drawers of cabinetry and fine furniture.

A Unique Line of Hardware & Home Decor Created with an Artisan’s Eye

Our Products are made with genuine gem & mineral stones from Madagascar, Peru, China, Africa & the Far East.
Amethyst • Ammonite • Calcite • Carnelian • Crystal Quartz • Labradorite • Lapis
Pyrite • Rose Quartz • Sandstone • Septarian • Smokey Quartz • Tiger Eye

Gems & minerals have held significance for cultures around the world
since ancient times and have played an important part in human history.
Whether you’re a “rock hound,” a metaphysical aficionado or just love
jewelry and being near beautiful stones, Gemstone Hardware™ by Myterra
is a perfect choice to add chic pizzazz to your
Residence, Office, Condo, RV, Tiny Home, Boat or Yacht.

Each order is custom-made. Stones are elements of the earth, individual and unique,
and have differing levels of clarity (the level of internal inclusions, fractures or stress marks inside)
which adds to their character & beauty. Myterra makes every attempt to provide

stones of similar size and hue, but no two will be identical.