The Difference Between Cabinet Knobs and Cabinet Pulls

Your kitchen is one of the most central parts of your home. Everyone gathers in the kitchen for meals and household days start in it with a cup of coffee. It’s important that you have a great design for your kitchen so that you and your loved ones can enjoy all those special moments.

When coming up with that design, hardware isn’t the first point most people go to, but it’s an important one regardless. There are many details to consider, and the small ones can make a big impact. So, regarding cabinet knobs versus cabinet pulls, which one is right for you? Here are a few pieces of information to help guide you through that decision:


  • There are many options: The options for kitchen knobs are seemingly endless. Colorful or wood, economical or elegant, round or square, there’s an option for every kitchen and there’s room to get as simple or detailed as you like.
  • Knobs are generally cheaper: Standard knobs can be purchased at a lower price compared to standard pulls, and if you’re looking for the most cost-efficient choice, you will discover a bigger variety of cheaper knobs than pulls.
  • They are harder to grasp: Pulls are easier to grab than knobs. This can be a problem for people with disabilities or arthritis.


  • Pulls require more measurement: While knobs only have one screw attachment, pulls are attached to a cabinet drawer or door by two or more screws. Since there are multiple screw holes, evaluating center-to-center measurement (the distance from the center of one screw hole to the next) is critical.
  • Pulls are a great choice for doors: For doors, pulls are more comfortable and don’t require as much effort as a smaller knob. Pulls let you use your whole hand to open the cabinet door instead of only your fingers.
  • They give a contemporary look: If you’re going for an older look, knobs could be a good choice. However, if you want your kitchen to have a more modern flair to it, you should choose pulls…or choose a combination!

A well-functioning and appealing kitchen is an investment in not only your home, but also in your family’s happiness. Make sure you keep functionality and style in mind when deciding between pulls and knobs. Keep in mind that you can always do a combination of the two as well. When in doubt, ask for help! Having multiple perspectives can help you come up with great ideas for your kitchen’s design.

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